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Project Management

Create projects associated with customers or support cases. Set project milestones and assign tasks to users or user groups. As the project progresses, use the comment system and file attachment to keep everything together, and along the way, keep track of progress and recent events on the summary page.

Inventory Management

Organize and keep track of your product volumes and services, use price books to set different pricing rules for different customer groups, use purchase orders to place orders for products from associated vendors, and send and track e-payment and other payment requests for goods and services.

Teams & Access Control

Control the organizational hierarchy and team structures. Use it to enable managers to see employees’ calendars, and to determine who can access various system areas and see, edit, and delete records.

Integrations and Extensions

Integrate with Outlook, Gmail, Google Contacts and Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Quickbooks, phone call systems, and much more. Use the integrations to place, receive, and log phone calls, send invoices to accounting, make and receive payments, and more.


Pull data together from any field of any record in the system using reports. Segment the data using conditional filters, and perform basic calculations directly within the system, or export the data via CSV or XLS for further analysis.

Email Marketing

In just 4 steps, target, build, and send beautiful, relevant emails to your leads and customers that drive action, then view audience engagement to see what grabs their attention and build increasingly successful future campaigns. Finally, empower prospect and customer facing teams with engagement information and insights to help them better identify interests and drive new revenue opportunities.

Customer Portal

Professionalize the customer experience by providing customers with access to a tailored customer portal. Use it to maintain a channel of communication and to share records and files. Customers can also submit customer service requests through the portal for more professional case management.

Calendar and Task Management

Use the built-in calendar to create, assign, and manage tasks and events associated with opportunities, customers, cases, or other records. Set calendar visibility between employees and managers, and configure event alerts, from in-window pop-ups to emails.

Document and File Management

Store and organize files using the system’s document management system. Associate files with opportunities, projects, or other records, and disseminate files directly through emails or from within the system.